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Osteopathy in Israel

אוסטאופתיה בישראל

Oliver Gordon עברית
Registered Osteopath – Pain & Joint Specialist
tel: 054-987-7589
Osteopathy and Pregnancy

Osteopathy is an extremely safe method of manual medicine which treats the whole person. Osteopathy has also been proven to be a safe, gentle and effective therapy that can help prevent or manage a wide range of pre-and post-natal conditions, either solely or in conjunction with other health care practitioners.

The osteopath’s aim is to assist the natural process of pregnancy and birth — maximising your body’s ability to change and supporting the healthy growth and development of your baby in the womb, with a minimum of pain and discomfort.

During a natural vaginal delivery a baby must pass through the mothers’ pelvis. Trauma to the pelvic bones, coccyx or sacrum at any time in a mother’s life can leave increased tension in muscles and strain within the ligaments and bones of the pelvis. This can limit the ability of these bones to separate and move out of the way during labour, and thus limit the size of the pelvic outlet interfering with the baby’s passage through the birth canal.

Osteopathic treatment is extremely effective at releasing old strains within the pelvis, restoring normal pelvic alignment and mobility contributing to a successful birth and healthy baby.

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