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Oliver Gordon עברית
Registered Osteopath – Pain & Joint Specialist
tel: 054-987-7589
Is Osteopathy safe during Pregnancy?

Gentle osteopathic techniques are safe at all stages of pregnancy. However due to the delicate nature of pregnancy during weeks 12 and 16 treatment is avoided or heavily modified for those weeks.

Techniques used:

Treatment varies depending upon the individual and the type of discomfort experienced but there are a number of osteopathic techniques which may be used by your osteopath to support muscles and ligaments, improve posture and use the body correctly throughout the pregnancy. The osteopath will carefully select the most appropriate treatment techniques to assure the safety and comfort of you and your growing baby.

The following Osteopathic techniques may be used in the treatment of pregnant women:

  • Soft tissue massage to reduce muscle tension
  • Articulation or gentle joint movement to improve nutrition in and around the joint and to increase the joints range of motion
  • Cranial Osteopathy
  • Inhibition / Neuromuscular Release to release acute muscle spasm without causing further irritation to inflamed tissues
  • Manipulation and mobilisation to increase the range of motion of a specific joint
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