Israel Osteopathy

Osteopathy in Israel

אוסטאופתיה בישראל

Oliver Gordon עברית
Registered Osteopath – Pain & Joint Specialist
tel: 054-987-7589
Why do I need to see an Osteopath? What will Osteopathy do for me?

Do you remember the first time you ate ice cream? Or the first time you sat in a Jacuzzi? Can you remember the heavenly feeling? A feeling of all over well-being that you’d never experienced before? It would be a bit difficult to describe that feeling to someone wouldn’t it? Well Osteopathy is a bit like that. You can’t really understand how good it makes you feel, until you have tried it.

When you are carrying a lot of tension in your body, you don’t realise it until someone takes it away. It’s a little bit like having a really heavy rucksack taken off your shoulders after a 10 mile hike. You might feel a little achy for a while, whilst your muscles and joints recover, but then you get that euphoric ‘after the rain’ feeling, where everything feels great.

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